With every launch of Apex Legends event, there will always be some bugs. And this time, it is a related server connectivity problem.

Not long after the launch, several players have reported connectivity issues. Following the patch, they mentioned that they were unable to connect to the servers and were stuck at the loading screen.

Surprisingly, it does not appear to be the work of hackers which affected Season 9. Nevertheless, they still continued with the Evolution event that brought in Rampart’s Town Takeover in World’s Edge, heirloom, loads of new event skins and cosmetics as well as the patch updates.

Apparently, the server issue has also caused intermittent disconnect to players and many of them are very upset. These server issues have consistently plagued players’ experience especially when they get disconnected midway in the midst of their rank games. Rank games are costly to players because getting disconnected in high ranked games can easily cost players as high as 60 RP per game. Although Respawn has tried to implement reconnecting capability last year, this feature was never helpful in these situations. When players eventually managed to connect back to the servers, they were slapped with RP fine due to penalty loss. Exasperated reddit user, TheBCE_TV, shared that Respawn has not done much to resolve the server issue since Season 1 and was concerned that this may drive away regular players. The post was voted highest on 16 September 2021 in Reddit, Apex Legends.

When Respawn launched the event on 14 September 2021, they were aware of the connectivity issues about 2 hours later. They continued with the investigation on the next day.

They subsequently tried to fix the issue and was confident on resolving it….

But it was not surprising it all came to naught…

Despite several efforts to rectify the problem for 2 days, they were unable to contain the issue…

For now, players will have to live with server issues like this which are not new to them.

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