The Naraka: Bladepoint Mid-Autumn Festival begins on 16 September 2021! This event lets players earn a limited-time currency called Mooncakes which can be used to purchase rewards such as Mid-Autumn Giftboxes and Mooncake theme cosmetics. One of the cosmetic that can bought with mooncake is an Epic Dagger skin called Greenfang. The next one is the Golden Twilight Epic Background that can be used for all heroes. The other two popular rewards are the Legendary animated Lunar Beauty Avatar and the Legendary Lunar Beauty Accessory for Valda Cui. You can also use your Mooncakes to purchase the new Tidal Treasures or 160 Tae.

The update comes with a patch which introduces a new hero, Valda Cui. Valda Cui is a water-based hero, packed with lots of abilities to trap enemies that can be very useful for Trios and Solo games. She can be purchased for 12,000 Tae or 600 gold. In the story, she is the captain of a fleet of ships and is fighting to be The Sea Dragon, a prestigious title of the clan. Players will get to use her start water abilities, Haze and Nether Nightmare. Haze, creates a surge of water horizontally that traps the enemy for two seconds, which is very useful to stall enemies for a short period of time. The ultimate ability, Nether Nightmare, sends a huge burst of wave forward which binds enemies for fifteen seconds. Enemies caught in the wave will be bound and elevated by the water. Valda Cui will also rise by her water dragon and armed with a water spear that can deal damage to an enemy. This ability can be very useful for crowd control.

Mid-Autumn event

Players participating in the Mid-Autumn event have to collect up to 10 lanterns in the waiting lobby to win a Mid-Autumn Giftbox. Players need to work together to release ten lanterns. This event is available for both Herald’s Trial and Quick Matches. The giftboxes can be obtained up to three times daily.

In addition to the Mid-Autumn Giftbox, there are also four daily Mid-Autumn quests to complete and they are easy to complete. The first quest requires you to log in and you will receive the trial ticket which can allows you to use Valda Cui for 3 games or trade it for 100 Tae.

The mid-autumn festival is available until 25 September 2021. Get your mooncakes now! If you complete all of the Mid-Autumn Festival events daily, you will be able to can earn mooncakes to unlock all the cosmetic rewards, as well as two or three Tidal Treasures.

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