24 Entertainment has released a new patch on 28 September 2021 and it comes with a new live Event for about a week.

Koi Bonanza Event

The new event is called Koi Bonanza which starts from 28 September 2021 till 7 October 2021. This event applies to any Herald’s Trial or Quick Matches. Similar to the previous Mooncake Festival event, players gathered at the waiting lobby must collect 6 Koi tokens within the time limit given. Once all tokens are collected, all players will receive rewards at the end of the match.

Top 30 players in Solo or Top 10 players in Trio will get premium rewards, and the rest players will get common rewards. Rewards may be received up to 3 times per player, per day.

During this period, all players will receive 2x Daily Quest Rewards!
The event rules are as follows:
Daily quests give twice the experience and Hidden Treasure XP from the update on September 28th, 2021 to October 7th, 2021 20:00:00 (UTC).

Reputation Score

The latest update also came with a Reputation Score system which can affect players who leave early in the game. This system was introduced in a bid to discourage players who abandon their teammates prematurely. This is probably due to players who were annoyed by leavers who quit after they died early in the game. Players who get knocked out, stand a chance to be revived by their teammates. In addition, they can also turn to souls and revive themselves at the respawn points. However, some players take the easy way out by quitting the game instead. These players will now be punished with the reputation system.

All players will begin with a Reputation Score of 8,800. Playing and completing matches will increase your Reputation Score; conversely, you will lose Reputation Score for leaving a game during the Preparation Stage, leaving a game in progress, or leaving a game in Trios when your team has 3 members. That latter part means that the first player to leave a team will be penalized, but the other two players (who are now stuck with an undermanned team) can leave without penalty.

Players with a low Reputation Score below 7,500 will not be able to participate in Herald’s Trial while a lower threshold of below 6,000 Reputation Score will not be able to join Quick Matches.

Reputation tiers and their effects are as follows. The player will be banned if the Reputation Score is too low:
A: 9,000-10,000
B: 8,000-9,000
C: 7,000-8,000
D: 6,000-7,000
E: 5,000-6,000

Playing matchmaking and completing matches increases your reputation. Leaving a game during the preparation stage or during a game will reduce your reputation. Your reputation will take a hit if you leave during the preparation phase in Solos and The Bloodbath, or if you leave in Trios when your team has 3 members.

Your reputation will take a hit if you leave a game before you are not COMPLETELY dead and your teammates are not all dead either.
Deduction coefficient of Reputation Score in different modes
The Herald’s Trial (Trio): 1
Quick Match (Trio): 0.75
The Herald’s Trial (Solo): 0.5
Quick Match (Solo), The Bloodbath: 0.25

The developers will continue to monitor the system and adjust accordingly to improve the gaming experience.


Along with the patch were some other changes to the game:

In-Game Function

New Shadow Poison
After the Shadow Corruption shrinks for the third time, players within the Shadow Corruption will gradually be affected by shadow poison. The poison will begin to recede after leaving Shadow Corruption.
When player’s shadow poison accumulates to certain amount and is still in the Shadow, the player’s health recovery will be decreased.

Being Hit While in Soul Form
Added the special effects and the sound effect when being hit in soul form.

Out-Game Function

New Custom Match Lobby Settings
New prefix search function: when the search content is less than four characters, all lobbies with the same prefix will be displayed.
You can now adjust Shadow Corruption Spread Rate.
You can now adjust Shadow Corruption DMG.
You can now adjust the quality of weapons and armors in The Bloodbath.
You can now adjust The Bloodbath’s match length.

Store Updates
New Legendary Outfit: Viper Ning’s [Maple Snowfall]
New Legendary Weapon Skin: Spear’s [Sky Crusher]
Discount Changes:
[Crimson Demonic Blade], [Tsunami], [Slicing Banner], and [Shark Carapace] will no longer be available at a discount.
[Sky Crusher], [Maple Snowfall], [Eight Treasures], and [Gilded Scales] will be available for a 16% discount for a limited time.
Added two Team Stats backgrounds: [Great Success], and [Celebration]. Unlocked by taking part in Koi Cup match events.

Hero Adjustment

The weak points of hostile and allied Tianhai’s Vajra now appear different so that you can easily discern who your enemy is.

Improved the visibility of the special effects of [Zephyr Prison] and all of its variants.

Viper Ning
Added a stun AoE marker effect to [Twilight Crimson] and all of its variants.
//Viper Ning’s [Twilight Crimson] will stun the enemy within a small area around. Now we add a visual effect to make it clearer.

Yoto Hime
Yoto Hime previously cannot generate Rage in a short time after [Ominous Blade] (and its variants) ends, now she will immediately begin generating Rage after [Ominous Blade] (and its variants) ends.

Weapon Adjustment

Melee Weapons
Improved the feeling of weapon clashes for some weapons.

Improved the hitbox registration for charged attacks and counterstrike combos when using a horizontal strike followed by a vertical strike while sliding or crouching.

Greatly increased the movement speed when firing and charging up shots.

Souljade Adjustment
Movement Souljades
[Focus Slide]: Sliding attacks now interrupt blue Focus attacks.

Repeating Crossbow
[Sharpshot] New Effect: Repeating Crossbow damage is slightly reduced, but bolts no longer spread.
[Venom Tip] New Effect: Repeating Crossbows deal less damage but poison enemies hit, inflicting sustained damage. Poison effects stack up to 15 times.

[Stamina Strike]: Health/armor restore ratio increased by 65%.
[Composure]: Gain blue Focus Shield while fully sheathing your weapon.

[Assassin’s Lunge]: Overall damage has been increased. Launch three stages of attack after passing the enemy.
[Abyssal Aura]: After catching the dagger, you can click vertical strike to continue using [Abyssal Aura].

1) [Scale Rush – Spear] Increases damage. Combos can now be launched after Non-Charged Scale Rushes, and the charge-up time of Scale Rush has been decreased.

[Infernal Slash]: Healing reduction effect increased. Charging up a horizontal strike to stage 1 grants the [Infernal Slash] effect.
[Shockwave]: Increases the range and damage of Shockwave attack.

After triggering [Blue Moon], continue clicking horizontal or vertical strikes to continue using it.

In-Game Adjustment

Optimized the matchmaking rules, so players now can be matched with or against players closer to your skill level.

1) You can no longer easily affect the Wheel menu while using markers.

In-match bag optimizations:
Item button changes (right UI side): You now use with X/□ (Xbox/PS4), and discard with Y/△ (Xbox/PS4).
// Now PICK UP and USE share the same button to make the operation more convenient. Meanwhile, we give DISCARD an individual key to avoid misoperation.

Bug Fixing

Fixed the animation issue with uppercut slashes following a dagger charged attack while sliding.
Fixes the issue with excess flashing with the first stage of dagger vertical charged attacks.
Fixed the issue where players would still get hit by sword energy after weapon clashes in a close distance.
Fixed the issue where one could counter with Scale Rushes while unarmed.
Fixed the issue where scaling something while sprinting atop a wall would interrupt the sprint.
Fixed the display issue with Tarka Ji’s facial accessories.
Fixed the issue where Valda Cui could still complete the Cultivation quest ‘Defeat 5 enemies in Shipwreck Expanse under foggy weather condition in The Survival modes’.
Fixed the issue where Valda Cui’s Cultivation quests could still be completed when not using Valda Cui in The Bloodbath.

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