Amazon latest massively multiplayer online role-playing game, New World, has launched on 28 September 2021. However, its debut was plagued by long queues with disgusting wait times.

At the time of launch, the server capacity was capped at 2,000 players for about 233 servers situated globally. This would mean that the game could accommodate about 466,000 players at maximum capacity. But the launch of the game drew hundred of thousands of players which exceeds above their expectations. Many players went to social media and inundated New World pages with posts of displeasures of the long wait times.

Amazon was aware of the issue and is scrambling to work and address the server problems. The company, being a cloud provider, should not have any big issue given their limitless infrastructure. For now, the game will still continue to attract many MMO enthusiast and all the MMORPG veterans from WOW and FFXIV.

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