Apex Legends 10th season did not get a season quest but they decided to introduce a bite-sized story event to keep players entertained. This new event gave players to explore the story on Bloodhound.

The Chronicle is called “Old Ways, New Dawn”. During this event, players who choose Bloodhound will be given the chance to go on an adventure. The journey follows Bloodhound as they try to save an injured prowler and deal with the guilt over their crumbling home world and past failures.

Respawn revealed tips to complete the quests:

  • The challenges are unique to Bloodhound and their abilities—you have to play as Bloodhound in a non-ranked BR game to activate the quest.
  • All challenges occur on World’s Edge, Bloodhound’s home.

Once you’re on World’s Edge as Bloodhound, simply look out for a white raven to trigger the beginning of your hunt. To start the mission, players must first play as Bloodhound on World’s Edge and then find the white raven. Challenges will be limited to Bloodhound’s abilities. Chapters will unlock separately and depend on finishing the previous mission, but players can resume their journey from a checkpoint if they fail to finish it in one go.

Additionally, players are assigned unique paths to chase so this means that Bloodhound players may not receive the same challenge at the same time and may not be going through the same journey.  This should avoid overcrowding and all players going the same route.

Finishing the Chronicle will reward players with three Bloodhound-themed Apex packs and battle pass stars, according to the official announcement.

However, it seems that the quest has caused many problems with the casual lobbies. It was reported that players have been sabotaging the games by killing their own teammates so that they can complete the event quickly. While the Bloodhound Chronicles event is not challenging to complete, it follows a few strict requirements – the map has to be Worlds Edge and Bloodhound has to be used.

Players who are opting for an exciting game of Apex would have his fun ruined by players opting to suicide after finding out that Bloodhound has been selected or if the map is not Worlds Edge. This issue is not new considering that Respawn has refused to add in pre-selected Legend feature to enable Legends-matchmaking to avoid Legends lock-in. This was what happen to player, FacchiniBR, where his teammate decided to go straight out of the map to suicide.


It is clear that the “No-fill” feature has not been effective as expected and Respawn was not bothered by these issues.


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