An Apex Legend fan and also an engineer, Graham Watson has used his engineering ability to design and built a real-life Apex Loot Robot. He has even made a Youtube video to showcase his work.

From the video, the robot looks approximately 1 metre tall which is as high as an average person’s waist.

These robots are the cute four-legged spider-like bots are loot boxes in the game. Players can open these loot boxes to obtain three random prizes. These robots are also available in the game which is randomly placed in King’s Canyon map. Players who destroy these robots will receive good loots such as gears, weapons or kits to buff themselves up.

In the video, you can see the robot moving across the screen with its spidery legs. He also made a cuter mini-loot box that is about 10 times smaller than the original robot. There are independently movable spider legs that let it slowly walk, kick, or crouch. Then of course there’s the pyramid-shaped head, which has three LED lights on each side to mimic the loot box  animation that typically comes in three different colours based on the loot types according to rare, epic and legendary loot. The loot tick even has the ability to rotate its head just like the in-game version will before you open it.

Watson works as a software engineer and has a mechanical engineering degree. The robot which he has built, was his first proper robotics project. He mentioned that the loot tick’s thin legs challengingly do not have any space to hide a servo motor that would be necessary to move and make articulate motions. He went through about 10 different iterations of the legs before finding a design that would barely support the weight. After finishing his design, he took a few months to program the robot with a Raspberry Pi to function properly. Watson does plan on making a second version, hopefully with better servo motors rather than the cheap ones he used so that it would be more real-like.

Check out his Youtube for other Apex inventions such as the Wingman revolver or Octane’s jump pad.



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