Apex Legends enthusiasts have been working on mod versions of Apex Legends and recently created a special feature in the game, similar to Fortnite. That is wall building, to create obstacles.

Respawn popular game title, Apex Legends, was an attractive Battle Royale title, following Fortnite, but has its unique abilities and gameplay. It only grew in its audience recently when many Warzone veterans had enough of hackers and moved over to Respawn’s game. Currently, Apex Legends is immensely well received in Japan despite countless issues with the servers and hackers. Given the many problems disrupting gamers, it is bound to attract many modders to create a better version of the game.

A video uploaded by YouTuber Skeptation, showcasing the new mod, he was able to place horizontal or vertical wall, in front of him. This is a common function in Fortnite for players to build up their defence and can also shuffle between the material types such as wood, metal and steel. In the demo, Skeptation was able to rotate, raise or lower the wall with ease as it mimics Fortnite style of defence. The controls guide are also shown on the right and it seems to be easy to deploy the wall.

It shows that the mod version has a lot of potential features that can be incorporated into the game and it can also shape up the Legends meta and give them new powers and abilities. Respawn will likely ignore fans’ pleas on new improvements but trying out the mod version of the game will be much more exciting.

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