Red Bull has organised the 1v1 tournament for the first time in Singapore. This will be an R1v1r Runes, which is a custom map in Dota 2 and it offers a very fast-paced match for 1v1.

This tournament is an open category to all players age 18 and above who are based in Singapore. It will consist of 2 online qualifiers and 1 National Final. The final 4 from each qualifier will go to the National Finals on 20 November 2021.

To win the game, players must first achieve three kills or obtain first kill on the enemy’s T1 Tower. Competing in a 1v1 requires alot of decision making and a small little mistake can render lost easily from a huge advantage. Registrations are open from 27 Sep 2021 till 5 Nov 2021. They will receive their Team OG Merchandise for players who register before 11 Oct 2021.

The tournament is scheduled to begin from 13 Nov 2021. This will be good news for many students in Singapore who will be busy completing their year end exams by 12 Nov 2021.

Click the links below to register for the qualifiers:
📆 Qualifier 1: 13 November 2021 (online) – REGISTER NOW
📆 Qualifier 2: 14 November 2021 (online) – REGISTER NOW
The National Finals will be livestreamed. Livestream platforms will be confirmed at a later date.

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