The Battlefield 2042 Open Beta officially kicked off successfully on 6 Oct for consoles and PC platforms. Players will be able to enjoy the beta on PC, Xbox, PS5, PS4 between 6 Oct and 9 Oct. Catch the blockbuster trailer game here!

How to get into Open Beta

You can register for the Beta through EA’s website, EA’s Origin, Steam or Epic Games while console players can get it through their console platform. However, PC players should take note that the first two days of Early Access beta is only accessible to players who have pre-ordered the game or subscribed to EA’s Play subscription. The “real” Open Beta is only available to the rest of the players from 8-9 Oct.

The game, Battlefield 2042 is available on Steam and Epic Games at SGD $69.90. Alternatively, gamers can subscribe to EA’s Play membership to obtain early access to all of EA’s games at $6.45 per month. For those who are waiting for the FREE access, you can download the game first and wait to play it on 8 Oct.


The game developer, DICE, has brought in the biggest change to the Battlefield multiplayer franchise for their latest game, Battlefield 2042, and that is their new specialist system. Gamers are no longer locked to an underused class with its specific loadout. In this version, each of the four specialists has their own unique perk such as grappling hook or even an auto-sentry turret. Similar to Warzone, you can choose your weapons and match your attachments and grenades.

The game mode available for this beta is Conquest, a popular Battlefield mode where players compete among two teams in an overwhelming map skirmish to dominate 6 zones in order to gain points for the team. The beta also showcase its new map, Orbital which can accommodate up to 128 players along with a large fleet of armoured vehicles such as helicopters or tanks to interact with. You will be together in a squad of four and get to choose nearby friendly spawn points and work towards the objective to capture zones A to F or just eliminate all the enemies you see on the way. The amount of chaos of its scale and intense gunfight packs a punch to its ever entertaining Battlefield title!

Release Date

The setting of the game is set in the future 2042, which is the DICE’s first foray from the historical war-influenced conflict in all of its Battlefield series. The developers mentioned that the game will be officially released on 19 Nov across all platforms. It is not known if crossplay will be enabled but this game is definitely worth checking out and a different experience for all First-person shooter fans and a good break from Battle Royale or other FPS games.




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