The 7th Crazy Raccoon Cup (CR Cup) that was held on October 9th, oragnised by pro-gaming team Crazy Raccoon, saw a gathering of popular gamers for the Battle Royale FPS “Apex Legends”. In addition to the streamers and pro-gamers affiliated with Crazy Raccoon, a wide variety of personalities such as VTubers, musicians, manga artists, and entertainers were invited to participate in this tournament.

A total of five games were held. The Crazy Raccoon Cup has a unique format with guest stars having a pre-determined landmarks each and they are prohibited from attacking and looting until they land on their designated landmarks:

  • Cpt – Staging
  • Mondo – Landslide
  • Ras – Lava Fissure
  • Selly – Geyser
  • Zeder – Launch Site

The champions of each of the five games were in the following order, “Sora Kara Oredaa!”,  “CANDY☆POP”, “Maou to Deshi”, “Dome Kouen”, and “CANDY☆POP”. Due to the new rules, the top few teams had a chance to win this tournament at the end of the fourth game.

The team that grabbed the crown was “CANDY☆POP” led by “cpt”!

Below are the ranking of the teams for the CR Cup.

1st: CANDY☆POP (cpt/Tokoyami Towa/ Kurumi Noa)
2nd: Yanikasu (Selly/SoVault/Naraka)
3rd: Dome Kouen (Shibuya HAL/Yamada Ryosuke/Kanae)
4th: Kuchisuu Predator (Vodka/Shaka/HASESHIN)
5th: Maou to Deshi (Kuzuha/Ras/Fuwa Minato)
6th: PP Shou (Natsuiro Matsuri/Masanori/Annin Miru)
7th: October 9, 25:00: The story of an annoying junior on air i7 (NIRU/Shiromanta/Yoppi~)
8th: Tekito Itten Ne (AlphaAzur/Ibrahim/k4sen)
9th: BoraSappEbio (Nun Bora/BobSappAim/Ex Albio)
10th: Futan ni Omou Na (Zeder/Tachiba Hinano/Nishizono Chigusa)
11th: SUNDOME (Donpisha/Sudetaki/Hatsume)
12th: Sora Kara Oredaa! (Raddaa/Kamito/Soraru)
13th: Bokutachi wa Iya da tte Ittan desu…. (Kawase/Astelleda/DJ Foy)
14th: Buster Call (Amatsuki/StylishNoob/Kato Junichi)
15th: BIG★STAR (Ichinose Uruha/Uruka/Komori Met)
16th: Chi-Poppo @1 (Kinako/Yuuki Chihiro/ Tonakaito)
17th: AnimaRu Predator (TIE_Ru/Yufuna/Leona Shishigami)
18th: CR Takahashi Enako (Wokka/SPYGEA/Enako)
19th: Hoshikawa no Noroi (Mondo/Adomin/Hoshikawa Sara)
20th: Chou 1 (Daruma is God/Arisaka/Higuchi Kaede)

There was only a small point difference between the top teams, and the difference between 2nd and 1st place was only 1 point.

The 7th CR Cup was once again a tremendous success, with more than 100,000 simultaneous viewers tuning in to the broadcast of the tournament on Mildom. The winning team was “CANDY☆POP”, but all the participating teams put up a great fight and showed us many great scenes.

Some of the more memorable plays included Wokka’s with his L-Star in the first game when two of his teammates were down, Selly’s Wingman plays in the second game, Ras shooting down a flying Valkyrie in the third game, and Shibuya HAL’s great IGL-ing in the fourth game.

We look forward to seeing what the next CR Cup will bring us. You could catch the action here.

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