There is only one day of Group Stages left for the International 10, and the fate of many teams has already been sealed. Thunder Predators are the first team to be eliminated from the tournament. SG Esports or Quincy Crew might be the second to follow them. The Chinese teams have completely obliterated everyone in their way. Still, European and American teams have slowly adapted to their playstyle. It sets up a fascinating day to conclude the group stage, and we will walk you through it with some spicy predictions!

The Meta of First Three Days?

The International ten might be the tournament with the most diverse picks ever. We have seen over 100 heroes picked already, and only 14 heroes are left to be selected. The meta is all over the place, and different regions have different priorities. We will give you some of the main takeaways from the first three days of the tournament.

The International 10 has been all about Tidehunter and Elder Titan. Every team has shown insane priority for these heroes, and the positive win rate backs up their decision. They are currently being played in every game of The International. Still, we have also seen some out-of-the-box strategies being shown in the group stages. The one that caught our attention is the Lycan supporting a strength-based carry. 

In their series against Fnatic, Elephant played this strategy perfectly, and now we see more teams trying it out. Evil Geniuses brought out Lycan with Monkey King in their game win against OG today, which initiated a domino effect. We saw playing it, and it’s only a matter of time more teams start trying out this strategy. It works because Lycan builds Aghanim’s Scepter, which empowers his allies enormously in the late game. 

That was the big takeaway from the third day of The International 10, but what will happen on the final day of the tournament can prove to be massive for the tournament’s knockout stages. There can be new heroes too on the fourth and final day of the group stage, and we will discuss some of these games you should look out for tomorrow.

1- Team Secret vs Vici Gaming

Team Secret vs Vici Gaming is an exciting game to look forward to due to many aspects. The first is how these two teams view the game and the current meta differently. There is a lot of priority given to Ogre Magi in the drafting phase by Team Secret. It has been Puppy’s go-to pick for every single opportunity he got. 

The explanation behind it is pretty simple if you think about it. Ogre Magi’s Fire Shield works very effectively against attack damage champions that like to burst down their opponents with their right clicks. You can watch Secret against SG Esports and see how the latter prioritized killing the Ogre Magi instead of the carries on Secret, giving Matumbaman a lot of freedom in team fights.

On the other side, Vici Gaming lost to an Ogre Magi already in their series against domestic rivals PSG.LGD. They will be cautious of how they can shut down Team Secret and, most importantly, Puppy in the drafting phase of the game, so you should look out for that Ogre Magi ban from the very first round. 

Vici Gaming will also be thinking about overcoming their losing record against Secret as they have lost to them at every international tournament in the last two years. Vici will be looking to play the game to match Secret’s intensity in the draft and have even lanes. It will allow them to not give away any early advantages to Secret, which they care about the most. If Vici Gaming can secure leads in at least two of the three lanes, they will put Secret on the backfoot. 

Secret vs Vici will be about a very calculated drafting phase but uninterrupted chaos in the game, so prepare yourself for some exciting team fights because this one will have everything! We feel like Vici Gaming can continue the fantastic form of Chinese teams during the tournament and take down one of their kryptonite on the group stage.

Prediction: Team Secret 0-2 Vici Gaming

2- Invictus Gaming vs OG

OG has been trying its best to destroy your pubs with absolutely chaotic drafts. If you see players trying to cosplay Topson’s Tinker in your games, you better bring your best form into the game because you will need it. We have also watched Ceb play IO. We hope that Ana isn’t following the TI right now because he will be horrified by that performance. 

Fortunately, that’s how OG wins and is on the verge of completing a three-peat. It will not only make them the greatest team in the history of DOTA. Still, it will also ensure that no one in the future can enter that debate without pulling off the same feat. However, the actual test of their character will be their games against the currently undefeated Invictus Gaming. 

Invictus Gaming has defeated every team in their way except Team Undying, who earned a hard-fought draw against them. They have been looking like the most solid team in Group A. This will be their toughest test because OG has a history of beating Chinese teams at The International. 

It is improbable that both these teams would show any unconventional cheese strategies so early into the tournament, as both of them are in pretty comfortable situations right now. You should expect a pretty standard game of DOTA 2 centred around the objectives. Still, if things go drastically wrong for one side in the laning phase, it might change. The game can very quickly go from no fighting to let’s just run them down. 

Sumail will be the player Invictus Gaming might target as he has been instrumental in OG’s good performances throughout The International 10. We expect Invictus Gaming to shut OG down and give them their second tournament loss and continue their undefeated run into the knockout stage of The International 10.

Prediction: Invictus Gaming 2-0 OG

3- Evil Geniuses vs Team Undying

Team Undying has been a breath of fresh air for North American DOTA. They are a new team playing like veterans at their first-ever International. It looks like they will be in the running to have some good results until the end of the tournament against big names. They have already taken down Alliance, Aster and have tied their games against OG and Invictus Gaming. This is a sign of their strength, and Evil Geniuses should show them their due respect.

Evil Geniuses is the more prominent name heading into this series and the favorites. They are known for their controlled aggression and for taking over the map quickly. Still, we have seen OG trying that against Undying, which resulted in a disaster for themselves. 

Undying never allows their opponent to beat any of their teammates down, and they are very quick at rotating to different parts of the map, which surprises their opponents. Suppose Evil Geniuses show the slightest bit of disrespect against Undying. In that case, they will destroy their chance of securing a suitable fixture in the upper bracket. 

Prediction: Evil Geniuses 1-1 Team Undying

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