In the recent accouncement from Respawn on the release of Season 11, the developers look set to introduce new Legend, Ash.

For those who have been following Apex Legends, Ash had brief apprearance in the past few seasons. Check out Season 5, final mission in Broken Ghost, you will find the body of Ash.

The codes which appeared in the comic seems related to the activation of Ash, as explained by dataminer, @shrugtal.


Ash is known as the popular announcer of the Arena matches, Ash now seems eager to join in the Legends!

In the upcoming Season set to release on 2 November 2021, titled Escape, it is revealed that she is a Simulacrum. Basically a mechanical humanised robot with special artificial intelligence, similar to Revenant. Basically Dr Ashleigh Reid was killed in a raid and her mind was built into Ash. In Season 7, Horizon was betrayed by Dr Reid. Now with the activation of Ash, it looks set to have its own agenda.


Ash Abilities

With the upcoming Ash looks set to break into the Legends, Youtuber Garret, shared the leaked abilities packed on the robot:

  • Marked for Death (Tactical): AOE ability that causes enemies in the area to take more damage
  • Phase Shift (Ultimate): Possible portal jumping ability as well as shifting in and out of realities

It seems that the introduction of Ash will overtake Wraith as also hinted by many other streamers. Wraith will soon see herself out to the door, especially after her nerf.

Respawn is constantly looking to push in new content and has been very active in their creativity department. But don’t put so high hopes on having a quality experience with its bug-ridden game!

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