The Valorant Champions Tour 2021 Last Chance Qualifer for APAC ended with Paper Rex’s last chance to qualify for the championship after losing VCT Masters back in Berlin. However, their chance were ruined when they failed to obtain top 4 in the A-Tier tournament. In the double elimination bracket, Thai team, FULL SENSE, emerged champion with Northeption, DAMWON Gaming and NUTURN Gaming as runner ups.

1st: FULL SENSE, Thailand

2nd: Northeption, Japan

3rd: DAMWON Gaming, South Korea

4th: NUTURN Gaming, South Korea

Along with FULL SENSE, Furia Esports (South America) and Team Liquid (Europe, Middle East and Africa) have secured their spot in the Champions during December 2021 that will take place in Berlin. FULL SENSE is now placed fourth in the circuit ranking for Southeast Asia.


Paper Rex set their sights on the Asia-Pasific Last Chance Qualifier after returning home from Valorant Champions Tour Masters early after losing to Vision Strikers and SuperMassive Blaze. They quickly adjusted their roster and brought in Jinggg from Team SMG. With the new member, the team decided to shuffle their roles to fit the duelist player with the team and have been scrimming and also recently participated in the KJC Invitational. Their main Jett player Khalish “d4v41” Rusyaidee had to siwtch to Sova for the Last Chance Qualifier.

In Day 2 of the tournament, Paper Rex was set to be one of the favourites to win the APAC LCQ after crushing Global Esports 13-3 on the first match. Global Esports did not manage to pick up a single victory on the second match and ended 13-0 in favour of Paper Rex.

However, Paper Rex failed to win against their Japan counterpart, Northeption in the next matchup. Although Paper Rex had a dominating start on Icebox at 10-2, they were too nervous and lost in a reverse sweep to Northeption 14-12. Northeption were very agile in the next map, Ascent and had alot of advantage considering that its their best map according to Moon “Astell” Ji-won. Paper Rex fought hard but were unable to force a tie and ended 13-11 to Northeption to the next round.

With Paper Rex relegated to the Lower Bracket, they faced DAMWON Gaming. Although the Koreans were not in favour having lost to Global Esports earlier, they built their advantage throughout the Lower Bracket, having defeated REJECT and BOOM Esports swiftly. They gained momentum in the first map, Bind, winning Paper Rex 13-10. Paper Rex quickly regrouped and picked up in their second map, Ascent, winning 13-3. It looked set for Paper Rex until the third map, Ascent. Paper Rex was extremely uncomfortable and were not confident in Ascent. Having picked Kayo for the matchup, their weakness showed as Lee “Jeong Hi” Jeong-Ha and team put an end to Paper Rex’s dream with 13-8 score.

On the other side of the Bracket, FULL SENSE had a long detour after losing to Northeption in the Quarter Finals but fought their way back up after defeating DAMWON Gaming in the Lower Bracket Finals. This time, FULL SENSE looked deterred in the Grand Finals as they went full “Bankai” mode. Northeption showed that they are not good to mess with winning the first map, Ascent with 13-9 but FULL SENSE showed whose boss winning the Best of 5 with 3-2 score.

Credits: Liquipedia

While Paper Rex will reflect on their performance this year, NA teams will battle out for the last spot of the VCT LCQ NA.





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