Respawn Entertainment has finally announced the new Season which is titled Escape. The release date is confirmed to be out on 2 November 2021 and it will bring in a whole new lot of content. The new release will be available across all its platforms, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC. If it is not exciting enough, the Apex Legends Mobile version is also undergoing testing.

The developers have always prioritised content to bring in new experience. This time that have not only revealed a new Legend, Ash, they have also introduced a new map, Storm Point which is much bigger than Worlds Edge. All Titanfall fans  will also be able to witness the all-time favourate CAR SMG brought into the Apex world.

Catch the new trailer here!


Storm Point

The new map is reported located on the planet Gaea, a long-forgotten IMC research base. It is Respawn’s largest map to date, about 15% bigger than World’s Edge. It features a wide variety of diverse locations, from tropical island hopping to giant mountain slides that allow you to play higher than previous maps. It seems to have a lot of distinctive environments, including the new Gravity Cannon which can helps players get across locations easily. This is put in place of the redeploy balloons where Legends use to escape. Once a player steps inside, it will launch towards a pre-determined direction. While in mid-air transit, the player can fire or use any abilities with limited movement to avoid any traps or dangers at the destination.

Players dropping into this new world will also be expected to encounter dangerous wildlife and that is the prowlers. Prowlers aren’t the only things living on Storm Point. Spider eggs are scattered across the map. Causing damage to these eggs will disturb the spiders inside, hatching a swarm of critters that will happily emerge from their nests to haunt you. Wildlife Nests are exciting new combat encounters that offer strategic looting options for squads. The wildlife prowlers offer different combat challenges and encourages unique forms of engagement. This will be a new sign of interaction in the mid-stages of the match as compared to the Trials in Worlds Edge.


Not forgetting the new Legend Ash which will likely overtake Wraith, which was once so popular and overpowered. Ash will take on the new meta and has the potential to take over the helm as the overbalance and extremely strong character that can cut deep and leave no mercy. Let’s show you the power packed abilities that the simulacrum possess:

Passive: Marked for Death

All deathbox locations are revealed and you click on one to mark surviving attackers.

Tactical: Arc Snare

A slow-moving snare of charged electricity that tethers people and inflicts damage on those nearby.

Ultimate: Phase Breach

Opens a one-way portal to a targeted location and head there instantly.

The Legends is a robot created with special artificial intelligence similar to Revenant and Pathfinder, and it is specially built by Dr Reid before she died. Ash’s Tactical ability is an Arc Snare that damages and tethers the first enemy that is very close to its position. This will be a useful abilities for beginners. Her Ultimate ability allows Ash to open a one-way portal she can use to teleport to a targeted location which is contrastingly similar to Wraith’s phase ability, Into the Void but via through a dimensional rift. Ash’s passive ability allows players to see the location of recent deathboxes and marks the surviving attackers. It is probably a tactical tracking technique to trace enemies, which is similar to Killers’ abilities in Dead By Daylight.

Respawn is known for creating new characters that are overpowered before nerfing mid-Season. With Ash’s devastating abilities, the new Legend will likely dominate the meta and sweep up the ranks with the highest pick rate. The introduction of Ash will likely cause unhappiness from the professional teams with the imbalance.


Apex Legends fans can also anticipate a new weapon to join the submachine gun family. It is being revealed in the Escape’s trailer and it seems that it can use two types of ammo, Heavy and Light rounds which be expended via toggling the fire modes. Unfortunately, only one type of extended magazine can be equipped. These are the statistics that we have gathered:

  • Fire mode: Automatic
  • Rate of fire: 930 RPM
  • Projectile speed: 18,500 UPS
  • Equipment: Barrel Stabaliser/Extended Magazine/Standard Stock

With the C.A.R. SMG coming into the loot distribution, it is likely that one of the submachine guns will enter into the Care Package. The C.A.R. SMG will compete with Alternator, Prowler, R-99 and Volt in the Submachine family. It will likely increase in popularity among the Arena matches.


This type of flexibility will make the C.A.R. popular for those who like to experiment with loadouts. Having the ability to switch between both ammo types will make it easier to find loot for it at any point in the game, allowing you to change up your second weapon in battle royale or even Arenas.

The C.A.R. will join the Alternator, Prowler, Volt, and R-99 as other submachine guns in the game, offering decent variety between all of the weapons. Whatever your playstyle or favorite ammo type is, there’s likely now an SMG for you.




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