While International 10 has drawn to a close, many of the dota teams will go home to reflect on their journey. We have previously witnessed the underdogs, Team Spirit, fighting from the Lower Bracket and surprised the top seed, winning the Aegis. Here are the top 4 winners:

  • 1st: Team Spirit – USD $18,208,300
  • 2nd: PSG.LGD – USD $5,202,400
  • 3rd: Team Secret – USD $3,601,600
  • 4th: Invictus Gaming – USD $2,401,100

Many of the teams went home disappointed and will look to regroup their team composition and work towards shuffling their players.

Thunder Predator was the first team that was sent packing after succumbing to their worst defeat in the International losing all 7 matches. Despite being one of the best in the South America region, their performance in the International was lackluster. PSG.LGD on the other hand has announced that there will be no roster changes and will continue to compete together for the following year after ending as the second runner up.

The following list of roster changes among the teams will likely shake up the composition for the next International.


  • Fng leaves
  • Limmp leaves
  • S4 leaves


  • Deth leaves
  • ChYuan leaves



  • Nefrit replace Focus


SG Esports

  • Costabile leaves
  • 4dr leaves
  • Tavo leaves
  • Thiolicor leaves
  • KJ leaves


Team Undying

  • Febby leaves


NoPing Esports

  • hFn leaves
  • Darkmago leaves
  • Oscar leaves
  • Matthew leaves
  • Panda leaves

Quincy Crew

  • KheZu leaves
  • Lelis leaves


Thunder Predator

  • Frank leaves
  • Leostyle leaves
  • Mnz leaves
  • Mjz leaves
  • MoOz leaves
  • hFn joins Thunder Predator
  • Darkmago joins Thunder Predator
  • Oscar joins Thunder Predator
  • Matthew joins Thunder Predator
  • Panda joins Thunder Predator


Surprisingly, there were no other movements from OG, BeastCoast and Evil Genius. Being one of the strongest team from NA, Evil Genius has not performed well for this International. After coming in 9th-12th position, there were rumours if Abed will still be staying with the team. Whereas for OG, Ceb has also hinted that The International 10 may be his last tournament and he might be retiring from the pro scene. Till then, we will look forward to the other player shuffles.




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