It has been reported that there has been an insider employee from Electronic Arts who have been stealing Apex Legends account right off from unsuspecting players. It is not known how long the thief had been doing this but he had the audacity to steal the account right in front of the victim’s eyes while has was chatting with an Electronic Art’s customer support attempting to revert his account.

The victim has posted his ordeal in Reddit (lengthy post pasted below) but we will break down what actually happened.

The victim known as karankhushalani explained in Reddit that he first met a random guy while fragging in EU server. This user supposedly has a braggadocious account with alot of prestige badges such as Predator badges, 60k kills and also have in possession many rare and popular Heirlooms as well as legendary skins. The con artist (a.k.a random guy) was impressed with his account and tempted karankhushalani to show off his account via a Discord stream. The victim unsuspectingly agreed and met in the messaging platform. The conman was using “Rebzya” alias in Discord (as evidently shown in the Reddit post).

Approximately one hour after showing off his account, karankhushalani realised that his account was locked out and he was no longer able to access it. He was appalled that his account was stolen and immediately went to EA support for help. After sorting out with the EA customer support for the first time, he managed to recover it. However, within minutes, he subsequently lost his account again. After several exchanges with EA customer support, he realised that his account was tempered many times. In his post, he mentioned that his account was reset seven times. What was intriguing was that there were no email notifications nor 2FA notifications on his account.

While in his third attempt to retrieve back his account with EA customer support,  the con artist Rebzya, decided to message him in Discord “tell me when end chatting with Yaman (the current EA support)”. To karankhushalani dismay, he had no idea how Rebzya was able to track all his movement. He even anxiously checked if his system was hacked or there was any third party software to control his PC remotely but to no avail. It was until the thief declared that he works for EA that made karankhushalani dumbfounded.

Credits: karankhushalani, Reddit

Despite working with many EA customer support many times, karankhushalani was not able to recover his account successfully. He then decided to deactivate account in a bid not to let Rebzya gain any benefit from the stolen account. This time, the swindler used another alias, Daretaro greeted him in Discord and showed that his account has been banned. It became an irrevocable situation as karankhushalani tried to escalate this serious matter to EA.

Thankfully, an EA customer support exec known as Xar, has managed to escalate this whole incident and had some evidence leading to an insider job. Xar mentioned that “he is more likely employee who is abusing his access” and will investigate on the matter internally.  The comments in the post also showed that karankhushalani is not the only victim.

It is very likely that the many EA staff such as customer support or security team would definitely have such powers. Even Respawn staff such as hideout, have been giving special treatment to Apex celebrity players like ImperialHal by helping to ban cheaters in game actively. This could mean that EA or Respawn had no proper governance and this is going cause them a huge problem. As they always say, “Great powers comes great responsibility”.

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