In the nail biting Finals of the Worlds Championship League of Legends, EDward Gaming endure all odds to beat DAMWON Kia in what was the greatest comeback of the year! The China eSports organisation fought from 2-1 down and defeated the defending champion two more times to take home the title for 2021.

EDward Gaming has shown what Suning could not achieve when faced with the same opponent back in 2020. DAMWON Gaming was gunning for their back-to-back champion after lifting the cup in 2020. EDward Gaming would be taking home first place with USD $489,500 while DAMWON Kia has achieved second runner up at USD $333,750.

EDG struck first blood and took game one only having had DAMWON Kia to draw 1-1 after the 2nd match. DAMWON subsequently picked up their pace and secured the 3rd game. They looked pretty confident until EDward Gaming remained composed and was very disciplined in the fourth game.

At the forth game, both teams were even on kills at 3-3 for the first 32 minutes. DAMWON Kia was very patient after their most of their front towers destroyed until Beryl, Ghost and Khan got out in the middle. Ghost was too extended in the front and got caught out by JieJie. EDward Gaming subsequently took out Canyon, Beryl and Khan. By then ShowMaker was left helpless and could not defend his Nexus which forced the match into match point!

Game 5 – [EDG]  vs  [DK]

EDward Gaming picks:

  • Kennen,
  • Xin Zhao
  • Zoe
  • Aphelios
  • Rakan

DAMWON Kia picks:

  • Graves
  • Trundle
  • Syndra
  • Ziggs
  • Leona

In this final match, it was going to be a deathmatch and EDward Gaming selected more aggressive picks while DAMWON Kia went for a defensive position. The first battle emerged when Herald spawned and EDward Gaming was fighting it before DAMWON came. The first blood was drawn by Flandre after Beryl dived in too deep. Throughout this exchange, DAMWON managed to steal Rift Herald. Soon after, Flandre caught Khan wide off top to get the second kill.

DAMWON was somewhat anxious to gain back control of the game. They managed to destroy first tower at Top with Herald and both teams were farming conservatively. Things started taking a turn when ShowMaker was caught out at the Murk Wolve area by Jiejie when Flandre provided vision, hiding at lower bushes. Khan subsequently took out Viper but was then outnumbered by Jiejie, Meiko and Flandre. Ghost could only watch Canyon wiped and Beryl once again went in too deep when he tried to chase Scout but was brought down by EDward Gaming. This took EDG kill tally up to 7 and was rewarded with a 2k gold lead.

This meant that DAMWON Kia had a hill to climb in order to keep up with the competition. By the 27th minute, DAMWON Kia decided to attempt the most daring stunt. Ghost, Beryl and ShowMaker were luring EDward Gaming to mid and they took the bait. DAMWON Kia was giving the impression that they were defending their mid tower while Canyon and Khan was attempting a two-man Baron! It took EDward Gaming 3 seconds before Meiko quickly rushed up to put a ward but was 1 sec late as DAMWON Kia took down Baron just in time.

DAMWON Kia looked set to come back into the game when they caught out DAMWON at Drake. Meiko was first to take the hit hoping to buy time for EDward Gaming to take down drake. In that instant, Canyon sacrificed himself after pushing Scout back with his pillar of Ice. After eliminating Canyon, Viper chased Beryl down towards the EDward Gaming’s bot tower and finished him. DAMWON Gaming was then able to slain JieJie easily before Flandre managed to escape. Viper who has been dominating, returned back to take out ShowMaker and left DAMWON Kia scrambling to escape but in vain. EDward Gaming secured an ACE which extended their lead again.

The situation looked bleak for DAMWON Kia when EDward Gaming quickly destroyed their mid towers. The koreans were kept busy when EDward Gaming were pushing Top and Mid. The final call was at Elder Drake when Canyon and Beryl could not do much to tank and EDward Gaming quickly took them down. DAMWON attempted to backdoor at the Bottom while EDward Gaming was getting Baron. However, DAMWON Kia quickly scrapped their plan when EDward Gaming swiftly rush to their base via Top immediately after they have finished Baron. Despite having a huge advantage with mega creeps at Top, EDward Gaming regrouped and entered DAMWON base again via Bot. There was much DAMWON Kia could do.

This time, they easily sealed their fate and destroyed the Nexus created history for EDward Gaming.


EDward Gaming once again made history after a resounding victory over their Korean counterpart in the League of Legend tournament after lackluster performance in Worlds 2014 – 2018 and not qualifying for Worlds 2019 and 2020. This will be a great moment for them to remember!

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