The group stages for Global Esports Games 2021 ended with Team Great Britain qualifying for Europe region. Many representatives were battling it out in the group stages across the region including Turkey and Georgia. Each country were competing to get to the top of the table in the best of two.

British Esports Association has enlisted the support of Mark Weller, Chief Gaming Officer as team manager for Team Great Britain. The list of players were selected for the Global Esports Games 2021 which will take place in Singapore. They will be playing in the finals in December 2021 and will see many other eSports teams compete for pride and glory. This event is a medal event and does not include prize money.

A team of players from the United Kingdom with the highest ratings were selected for the Global Esports Games Dota 2 Open:

  • Bill (Carry)
  • Adzantick (Mid)
  • symetricaL (Offlane)
  • TANNER (Support)
  • TeaGuvnor (C) (Support)

For the Dota 2 women’s tournament, following a public recruitment campaign in conjunction with British Esports’ Women in Esports initiative and the Dota Valkyries, the following Team Britain Dota 2 women’s team has been announced as:

  • Little Lucy (Carry)
  • Sheepsticked (C) (Mid)
  • Bellemiku (Offlane)
  • Soong45 (Support)
  • Lily Milne (Support)

The recent qualifiers had ended with Team Brazil, Team Great Britain and Team Mongolia emerged victorious at their respective table for Open category and Team Paraguay, Team Great Britain and Team Mongolio for the Women’s category. They will be matched up for the finals to be held at Singapore in between 17-19 December 2021. Catch some of the highlights here.

Dota Open Category

  • Team Singapore
  • Team Brazil
  • Team Great Britain
  • Team Mongolia

Dota Women’s Category

  • Team Singapore
  • Team Paraguay
  • Team Great Britain
  • Team Mongolia

Singapore will be hosting this year’s Global Esports Games which is organised by the Global Esports Federation in partnership with Singapore Esports Association.  Check out the announcement here which also includes two other game titles such as eFootball PES 2021 and Street Fighter V. The Singapore Esports Association had previously announced the list of Esports players who will be representing Singapore:

Dota 2 Open category:

  • Nicholas “xFreedom” Lim
  • Joel “Chibix” Chan
  • Ng “xsilearn” An Wei
  • Galvin “Mizu” Kang
  • Wilson “Poloson” Koh

Dota 2 Women’s category:

  • Tay “Merody” Hui Chun
  • Amanda “bings” Lim
  • Paula “xiaoma” Teo
  • Ho “KazeL” Sheng Ying
  • Joanne “Minkiey” Lim

The other Singapore representatives are Dennis Zhao “DENNISZZ0910” who will be representing for eFootball PES 2021 competition and Brandon Chia “Brandon” who will be Singapore’s representatives in Street Fighter V competitions.

The Dota 2 Global Esports Games 2021 Finals will be streamed live on the following platforms:

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