Twitch Celebrity and pro streamer, Timmy “iiTzTimmy” An, was banned from Valorant while streaming his challenge from Solo to Radiant in One Stream. He was most notably popular for his trademark event where he will attempt to complete a game in ranked mode and achieve the highest possible rank without ending his stream. This requires high concentration to gain points throughout the ranked games for very long hours without sleeping until the goal is reached. Timmy was the first player to have achieved this  feat in popular Battle Royale game, Apex Legends.

In the game Apex Legends, Timmy had done the same feat twice during season 9 and season 10 respectively. His first attempt in March 2021, he had reached Masters (second highest rank in Apex Legends) within 33 hours. In season 10, he had reached Predator (most prestigious rank in Apex Legends) within 54 hours.

Apex Legends Season 9: Solo Bronze to Masters in One Single Stream


Apex Legends Season 10: Solo Bronze to Predator in One Single Stream


Valorant is a 5v5 character-based tactical FPS where precise gunplay meets unique agent abilities. Like many multiplayer games out there, Valorant has a casual mode, but its competitive ranked mode is the one that will take up a lot of time to reach a high rank. The game has a tiered rank system.

  • Iron (tiers 1-3)
  • Bronze (tiers 1-3)
  • Silver (tiers 1-3)
  • Gold (tiers 1-3)
  • Platinum (tiers 1-3)
  • Diamond (tiers 1-3)
  • Immortal (tiers 1-3)
  • Radiant

The ranking system in Valorant is largely based around whether you win or lose a match, with your individual performance also playing a slightly smaller roll. Each rank has 3 tiers to climb before being promoted to the next level. Players are first allocated a rank after playing five unmatched games. Each ranked player will be given a MMR which rates an individual skill and Valorant matchmaking system will ensure that players are evenly matched.

Timmy began his challenge swiftly in Iron on 11 November 2021 and had been winning easily obtaining MVP and top 20-30 frags each game. However, his challenge abruptly came to a halt after he was hit with a ban notice “You have been banned from Valorant” in the middle of a game. At the time of the ban, he had already reached Diamond.


Credits: Esports Talk, Youtube

At that moment, Timmy was shocked and this meant he would not be able to continue playing. It was subsequently revealed that his ban was due to smurfing (a high-level player attempting unfair advantage by using a low-level account to play). He then approached his agency to get in contact with Valorant devs to resolve the situation. It was made aware that Valorant devs were informed about his intention to attempt this event and this was because Valorant has a very strict policy about smurfing.

Smurfing has always been a concern in competitive play and players can easily create new accounts and deliberately join in lower ranked games. This is widely common in illegal boosting service where pro players help bring weaker players to promote to higher tiers. Valorant has established a rigid system to weed out unwanted smurfing to tackle this issue.

Fortunately, the ban only lasted 30 minutes and with the restriction lifted, Timmy was finally exempted from the ban so his journey to Radiant could continue. In the case of Timmy, it seems being a content creator didn’t exclude him from receiving a punishment and Valorant was strong in its detection system.

In the end, Timmy only managed to reach Immortal rank a peak at 350 RP after 65 hours. This was by far his longest stream ever to reach one of the highest ranks in the game.



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