With the last man standing announcing to move away from competitive Dota 2, OG is fading to an inactive team as they could only watch their accomplishments in history. The last 2 professional players, Topson and N0tail are taking a break after a lackluster tournament in the last The International 10. OG was knocked out very quickly by the underdogs, Team Spirit, which eventually became the champion.

Team OG was one of the top favourites to win the tournament having a complete roster filled with top winners. Topson and N0tail were two-time champions of The International. Having lifted the Aegis in 2018, they returned for a second time and won back-to-back with champion the following year. No organisation could have repeated this feat and their efforts were commendable making history in one of the popular games in the world.

The first news came after Ceb has announced his retirement ahead of the Dota Pro Circuit approach at the end of November. SumaiL and Saksa were promptly released when their run in The International was over.

Topson soon decided to take a break to focus on his family. Following the win at The International 2019, he quickly got married and had a daughter. It seemed that his priorities had changed but he decided to rejoined his team after N0tail had called him back. Especially during the training season in 2020, the team struggled throughout the pandemic and had to make time away to focus on training. It must have been a very difficult time for Topson given that he is now a father. Being one of the best players in the world, he knew the pressure in the competition but he sacrificed his time for the team and was not with his family for more than six months.

On the other hand, N0tail also decided to follow suit to rethink about his participation in eSports. After having spending his time at more than 35 Lans, 9 majors and 5 The Internationals, he finally decided to take a good break. Notail had never taken a break nor skipped any events in the Dota scene. He had always dedicated his time competitively and was the heart of OG. It seemed that N0tail will be shifting towards streaming and become a content creator while also continue mentoring the academy. Essentially, N0tail will play a key role to develop new talents and make OG great again.


This would mean that OG would have to revitalised their roster prior to the start of DPC. It is likely that head coach, Misha would take over the new roster. Nevertheless, OG will forever be remembered.



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