With the latest move, Snip3down going back to his roots for Halo Infinite, Verhulst has made a surprising move to join TSM’s new roster for the latest competition. In the recent Knights Arena Carnage Cup #2 and Box Fight Championship Apex Cup #11, TSM has been trying out their new roster and it went pretty well. The team has won the fifth round and reached the finals of the Knights Arena Carnage Cup scheduled to play on 28 November 2021.

Credits: Youtube, Uncensored Esports

Verhulst is an Apex Legends controller player for Team Intel which is one of Esports Arena sponsored team. A new budding star, he started his career early this year as a team under team Dudes Night Out and they competed in Esports Arena Season 3.

Dudes Night Out

  • Ira “dooplex” Shepherd
  • William “Skittlecakes” August
  • Evan “Verhulst” Verhulst

Their time came when former players in team Intel left after they have signed for Ghost Gaming. With the vacated spot, team Intel subsequently roped in dooplex, Skittlecakes and Verhulst in June 2021.

Ghost Gaming

  • Metro
  • Sickks
  • Pandxrz

As they continued their season this year under team Intel in Esports Arena, they have been performing consistently well in the Series E tournament in Season 3. The Esports Arena is a D-Tier open tournament for new competitive players to pit out their skills and have an opportunity to win a prize pool of USD $500. It often packs with new batches of Apex Legends pros trying out new rosters and could also witness many different team compositions. It is organised by Esports Arena, one of the largest dedicated esports facility catering to North America gaming fans, headquartered in Orange County, California.

Under team Intel, Verhulst and his team eventually won the open tournament five times

  • Esports Arena Series E S3 Open Tournament #1
  • Esports Arena Series E S3 Open Tournament #3
  • Esports Arena Series E S3 Open Tournament #4
  • Esports Arena Series E S3 Open Tournament #9
  • Esports Arena Series E S3 Open Tournament #11

Verhulst time came when they won the ALGS: Preseason Qualifier #1 overtaking team Noble and 40 over teams which earned them 1500 points. They then started to gain traction after competing in higher tier matches with bigger teams such as Complexity and NRG. In one of Box Fight Championship, they even beat popular teams such as Cloud9 and Sentinels to reach second place. What finally caught everyone’s attention was their performance Apex Legends Global Series: Split 1 Pro League and they were very prepared. The ALGS is the most prestigious tournament organised by Electronic Arts and it is the most anticipated tournament for all Apex Legends fans and celebrities.

In the current first split, team Esports Arena is at an oustanding number 1 spot after four gruelling rounds with a total of 37 points and came under the spotlight. TSM was 15 points lower at sixth position. According to the match results, Esports Arena has not only been performing very well, they were dominating almost every round of the split. Their last performance simply swept TSM off their feet in round 4 during Group A vs Group D matches. In the beginning of the first match, TSM confidently took points at second place. However, Esports Arena subsequently caught up from match 3 with a first place knockout and by the fifth round, they managed to snatch the top spot and stunned TSM to second place.

  • Round 1: A vs D standings – 2nd position (57 points)
  • Round 2: C vs D standings – 2nd position (54 points)
  • Round 3: B vs D standings – 3rd position (48 points)
  • Round 4: A vs D standings – 1st position (62 points)

At the end of Round 4, TSM Snip3down eventually departed from the team, which gave Verhulst a huge chance to play with TSM ImperialHal and TSM Reps.

In the finals of Box Fight Championship Apex Cup, TSM new roster has even achieved second place. However, take note that the new team Esports Arena is still a dominant force at first place after Knoqd replaced Verhulst.

Credits: Youtube, ImperialHal

We will see how the new TSM will fare in the next ALGS round scheduled in 3 December 2021 but will TSM sign Verhulst?

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