In the recent Apex Legends Global Series which has altered its Playoffs to an online format, the Pro League ended with a list of top 20 pro teams qualifying for the respective regional Playoffs. Out of a total of 40 teams in each region battling over the course of 2 months, the first 20 teams will progress to the Playoffs while the next 20 teams will continue to play in the next split and the last 20 teams will relegate to the Qualifiers.

In each region, teams are assigned to a Group of 10 and paired with another group per round. They will have to play a series of 6 rounds with 6 matches each. This meant that they have to endure a gruelling 36 games and compete for a top spot to earn points. At the end of 6 matches, top teams will be awarded precious points for the league.

Points awarded for Match standings

Placement – Points

1st – 12

2nd – 9

3rd – 7

4th – 5

5th – 4

6th – 3

7th – 3

8th – 2

9th – 2

10th – 2

11th – 1

12th – 1

13th – 1

14th – 1

15th – 1

16th to 20th – 0

Overall Standings

TSM managed to qualify for the playoffs despite Snip3down quitting Apex Legends after Round 4 and returned to his all-time favourite game, Halo Infinity. While missing a third, TSM scrambled for a third and secured Verhulst from team Intel, Esports Arena. With the young 18 year old controller player, TSM was boosted to overall 5th place in the overall standings. With their new third, TSM looked confident to continue ALGS in the North America Playoffs.

In the North America league of Split 1, there were 2 teams which were forfeited out of the tournament. Promising team SHEEEEEEESH comprising of iiTzTimmy, NiceWigg and Apryze started off very well in the beginning. They were placed 3rd after the first round having earned 7 points. However, their performance deteriorated after only earning 1 point from the next two rounds. Both iiTzTimmy and NiceWigg apparently decided to leave the team after Round 3 and Apryze had no choice to be disqualified with the last man standing. Similarly, team BenchWarmers comprised of Knoqd, ImMadness and RamBeau decided to split up after 18 games together. They have only accumulated a total of 3 points from three rounds and have forfeited from the tournament. Controller player, Knoqd had joined team Esports Arena after Verhulst has vacated his spot while RamBeau moved over to Neanderthals while ImMadness remained teamless.

Of all the teams, Sentinels and NRG were the most consistent team having at least an average of 7 point across 6 rounds. This meant that they have been scoring important points each round to stay in the top. Sentinels is the only team to achieve first for 2 rounds which they have obtained 12 points in Round 1 and Round 4. Although the team with the most potential was team Esports Arena, they have caught most attention throughout the tournament. This is because they have maintained top 3 throughout the tournament and had a wild ride in the first 4 rounds. However, their performance started dipping collecting only 2 points in the last 2 rounds after Verhulst had left the team. Among the teams, 100T was the underdog team which had stormed to 8th place after gaining first with a whopping 12 points in Round 6. They had been very close to being knocked out of the playoffs, standing at 17th place after 5 rounds. Team Noble on the hand, was a surprising flop. They started off well and was sitting in top 10 in the first 3 rounds but they fell off down the pecking order and ended up at 19th place at the end of the Pro League.

The teams which have qualified will set out to fight for top spot in the Playoffs scheduled to begin in January next year. This will be a good time for the teams to take a short break for the festive season and prepare their best for the upcoming Regional Playoffs. To find out more about the new online ALGS format, check it out here.

Team Total
NRG 47
SEN 47
ESA 40
G2 36
TSM 33
SSG 30
COL 30
100T 25
C9 24
DY 24
Knights 21
RNG 18
Premier 18
Furia 18
OXG 18
TL 16
TOR 15
Noble 15
LZR 14



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