Nigma Galaxy is now close to being relegated to Division II after losing all of their current matches. They were now sitting at the bottom of the current Standings with a 0-6 record and will need to win at least 1 match to stand chance remaining in Division I.

Nigma Galaxy has always been entertaining with their aggressive and high octane action. However, it proved to a one-sided affair in the matchup against OG as the young budding star team ripped them apart with their superior skills. With the emergent of new young blood, OG were revitalised and breath a new fresh air after the former champion roster has left. Nigma Galaxy’s Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi could not do anything to help boost the team.

Team Standings   Record(Win-Loss)

  1. Team Liquid 4-0
  2. OG 2-1
  3. Team Secret 2-1
  4. Team Tickles 2-1
  5. Tundra Esports 2-2
  6. Alliance 1-2
  7. Coolguys 0-3
  8. Nigma Galaxy 0-3




In the first game, all of OG’s cores were ahead of their counterparts, making much better moves. As a group, the young squad played the teamfights perfectly. Despite trying to exert some pressure, Nigma Galaxy was often countered, leading to their own deaths. Nigma Galaxy eventually lost the game in 41 minutes, with only 13 kills to OG’s score of 44.

For the second game, OG outdrafted Nigma Galaxy with several counters. OG had a Razor for iLTW’s Luna, a Kunkka for GH’s Io, and a Nyx Assassin for Miracle-’s Storm Spirit. Even in the actual gameplay, OG performed brilliantly, using its heroes’ spells to great effect. Once again, Nigma Galaxy tried its best to stand and fight, but it lost heroes every time and eventually the game in 31 minutes.

OG continuously outperformed Nigma and had shown EU that they are a hot contenders for this year’s DPC. OG will be a team to watch for. Their play was simply stronger both individually and as a team in this series. The interesting thing was that Miracle who usually does well in mid matchups was given a tough fight by Bozhidar “bzm” Bogdanov, OG’s 16-year-old midlaner, who did a great job at coming out on top in both games. OG now has two wins in three series.

Nigma Galaxy was handed their third continuous loss and it seemed that they have a very disappointing run in the tournament. Many of their games were somewhat not up to par and they simply loss the advantage. The team was not even close especially during team fights and some of their draft choices were also questionable.  Nigma Galaxy will likely make some changes to beef up their preparation for the major.

Nigma Galaxy next match will be with team Secret scheduled to play on 18 December 2021.


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