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The 3 buildings affected by wind block are the Windmill, Wind Turbine and Wind Pump. These wind-driven buildings always work best when they are placed comfortably away from other buildings. On the bright side, trees do not cause shade or wind block.

In the same way that they cast shade on surrounding tiles, buildings also block wind to surrounding tiles. The taller the building, the greater the distance of the wind block. A Wood Shed only casts a single tile of wind block, but a taller building (like a Silo or Nuclear Power Plant) can block wind for 3 or 4 tiles out.

Win block must be considered when placing Town Star Windmills
These Windmills are placed far enough apart that the needle is green, meaning they are producing at max efficiency.


Mountains also block wind in the same way that they cast shade (5 rows closest to the mountain).

Remember these efficiency slowdowns while building your Town!

Keep in mind that while shade and wind block may slow your production and efficiency, they will never ruin it. Your Windmills will still craft even if they are placed directly next to one another in a row; they will just take the longest amount of time possible to produce each round of goods. This is indicated by the red production needle that is displayed when your Windmill is milling a good. Your crops will still grow, but they will take much longer.

Basic wind block and shade placement strategies will become second nature to you the more you play Town Star. Choices made early about the structure of your town will ultimately be what separates a functional town from a winning town.

Now go hit the town and feel the wind in your face, unless of course you’re standing next to a Silo.

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