Recently I have become obsessed with playing Gala Games’ Town Star, a strategic and fun farming game. If you liked Farmville or Hay Day, you’ll like this too! And there is the possibility of earning Gala coins if you place well enough in the weekly competitions.

If you are curious about playing Town Star after reading what’s below, why don’t you check it out on Gala Games here? If you use my referral code: 61b61f9c352d554856a4a072 when you join, we will both earn a little bit of Gala Coins.

The one problem I’ve had at the start is the difficulty in finding information about the different buildings and products. This made planning my first town difficult, and led to epic fails, like building a refinery before I had any wind turbines, and having to pay my worker $200 a minute to do nothing while I scrambled to get my wood to build the turbines.

To save you similar frustrations, I thought I would put down here all that I have learned about the game, the various buildings, and what they need to produce their end products. Hopefully with these posts, you will have all the information you need, to plan your production and start earning quickly!

What is Town Star?

  • As mentioned, it’s like Farmville or Hay Day, but you can earn Gala or Town coins playing this game (cryptocurrencies that are convertible to USD)
  • Build the most efficient and revenue-maximising farm, and earn stars to get to a higher rank!

Weekly Play-2-Earn Challenge vs. Monthly Play-2-Earn

  • Weekly challenge server: Compete with others for a week. Top 400 get Gala Coins as rewards (see table below); OR
  • Monthly normal-play server: Complete the daily challenge and earn Town Coin (5 servers to choose from to place your town). Read more below for additional requirements to earn Town Coin.
  • You can have a town in both servers, however you can only be active in one at a time and only collect TownCoin from ONE per day.
Rank in Weekly Challenge
Reward (Gala Coins)
1 5,500
2 4,000
3 3,000
4-10 2,000
11-20 1,300
21-50 1,000
51-100 800
101-200 400
201-300 300
301-400 200

Gala Coin vs. Town Coin

  • They are different cryptocurrencies, that you can earn in the game. The current exchange rate to USD can be found here for Gala coin and here for Town coin.
  • Town Coin can only be used to buy Town Star items in the Gala Games Store (filter currency by TOWN).
  • Gala Coin can be used for all games made by Gala Games (filter currency by GALA in the Gala Games Store).

Other cryptocurrencies that can be used in the Gala Games Store

NFT and Gala Power Requirements to earn Town Coin

  • You will need to place 1 or more NFTs on your farm, and Gala Power to earn Town Coin.

What is NFT?

  • NFT stands for non-fungible token.
  • An example of an NFT in Town Star is an Express Depot (which sends goods faster than the depot given in-game). It earns 1 Town Coin every Daily Challenge.
  • Another NFT example is an Alfa Fountain, which can give surrounding crops water passively. It earns 8 Town Coins every Daily Challenge.
  • You can buy NFTs at the Gala Games Store, or on (cheaper than at the Gala Games Store).
  • The more NFTs you place on the farm, the more Town Coins earned every daily challenge. For example, if you put 1 Express Depot and 1 Alfa Fountain on your farm, they will earn you 9 Town Coins every daily challenge.

 What is Gala Power?

  • Gala Power allows you to place NFTs on your farm.
  • 1 Gala Power = 1 NFT, i.e. you can place 1 NFT with every Gala Power you have.
  • To get to Level 1 Gala Power, you need 1 Gala Coin (about USD0.45 to USD0.5 today).
  • To level up to Level 2 Gala Power and above, you will need 5,000 coins per level (~USD2,500). For example, Level 2 Gala Power = 5,001 Gala Coins, Level 3 Gala Power = 10,001 Gala Coins


Information in this post is correct as at the date of post. Gala Games reserves the right to amend the prices or names of the in-game items, at any time. Please drop a comment if you notice any discrepancies between our post and the Gala Games website.

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