What does cotton do for you?

1 Cotton field can be harvested for 1 Cotton, which can be used in crafting Cotton Yarn [insert link], which can in turn be used in crafting uniforms [insert link].

Growing cotton:

  • Where to find in-game: Farm
  • Cost: $250
  • Water: 4
  • Labor: none
  • Output: 1 cotton
  • Other requirements: none
  • Time for 1 Cotton to grow: 20-160 seconds
  • Affected by: Pollution [insert link], Shade
  • Gives Pollution: none
  • Casts Shade & Wind Block: none

Who harvests cotton:

Starting game:

The Farm House worker harvests cotton.

Aside: The Farm House costs $1,250, requires 1 Wood to build, and must be placed near a (Dirt) Road.  The worker is paid $10/minute.

Mid- and end-game: 

The Farm Tractor harvests cotton.

Aside, the Farm Tractor costs $175,000, requires 5 Wood, 5 Lumber, 5 Energy to build, and must be placed near a (Dirt) Road. The worker is paid $150/minute.

Where to store cotton:

Cotton is stored in a Silo.

Selling cotton:

  • All crops and produced goods are sold in batches of 10 to the nearest city.
  • Points/stars per 10 Cotton sold: 10
  • Price per 10 Cotton sold: 3,500

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Information in this post is correct as at the date of post. Gala Games reserves the right to amend the prices or names of the in-game items, at any time. Please drop a comment if you notice any discrepancies between our post and the Gala Games website.

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