Unlike Farmville or Hay Day, there is no system to buy any crops/goods from neighbours or friends. The challenge is to make your farm self-sustaining by selling goods to the nearest city.

Choose your town location:

    • Plains: plenty of pastures and shrubs, few ponds and trees
    • Forest: plenty of trees, ponds, marshes and rocks
    • Desert: plenty of sand, an oil seep (good for producing crude oil, save money on building oil pump)
    • Other criteria to consider:
      • Near Mountain: Provides a lot of shade and blocks the wind, slows down crop production and wind energy production from Wind Turbine
      • Near Ocean: Send goods by sea
      • Near River: Water supply
      • Inland: if not near city, more gasoline will be used per trip.
      • Near city

Crops/goods prices, production times, materials needed

  • Town Star released a Standard Rulebook on 4 Jan, showing all the prices of crops and goods, and their production times (applicable for 4-17 Jan ’22). I have added on to their spreadsheet here, the materials needed to plant those crops or make those goods. Hopefully these can help you plan your production strategy before starting the game!
  • You can click on the links below, which will lead you to posts containing more details on the items in each menu.




Terrain [insert link]

Trade [insert link]

Use this simulator to visualise your farm before playing the real thing

  • kewlhwip.com
  • You can change the filters to reflect the location, and see how much water you’ll need for crops, and how much water a tile gets

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