The game starts with 40 gasoline and $25,000. Every batch of crops/goods sold requires 1 gasoline, or more if you are located further from the city. It is therefore important to maximise your revenue from each trip, because wheat/cotton/sugarcane sales are not sustainable forever!

Beginning wool rush 

  1. Sell (animal) Feed, not Wheat.
    1. Reason: Revenue maximisation. Feed sells for $3,400, while Wheat sells for $3,000.
    2. Build 2 pairs of Feed Mill and Feed Trough near the Silo. Feed Mill: for turning Wheat into Feed; Feed Trough: for placing Feed.
    3. Start building Ranch House. Ranch House workers collect the Wheat from Silo, place it in the Feed Mill, and in the Feed Trough when ready.
  2. Rearrange/plant 1-2 more Wheat Fields if necessary, to speed up Feed production.
  3. Once Feed production is sped up and better balanced, more Feed Mills, Troughs and Ranch Houses can be built.
  4. Optional: If money is low, you may clear Ponds (strategically) to receive $5,000 for each Pond [insert link] cleared.
    1. Ponds cost $20,000 and 10 Water [insert link] to build, so clear wisely.
    2. Clear Ponds in locations where you will use for Industrial uses or building your workers’ houses.
  5. Prepare for Wool [insert link] production.
    1. Build a Storehouse, which stores Wool.
    2. Continue selling Feed and/or Wheat (if Silo overflows) to earn money.
    3. Build 1st Sheep Pen.
    4. Balancing: Continue monitoring Wood, Feed and Wheat production, and ramp up number of Sheep Pens to 2 or 3 once production of these 3 is stable. Can also start to upgrade roads if money is available.
  6. Prepare for Gasoline production.

When do we start to prepare for gasoline production?

A good place would be when you are down to around 20-25 gasoline, as you would likely have enough funds to start things off.

So many buildings and equipment are required for gasoline production! What do I buy first?

Isn’t everything super expensive? A refinery costs $15,000, a paved road costs $10,000, a water facility (for producing water drums) costs $10,000. Where do you get the money to do so? I made the fatal/bankrupting mistake of building the refinery first, which labour cost $200/minute, and I couldn’t last 10 minutes after that and needed to restart!

  1. Warehouse (to store Energy) – $10,000 + Worker House (collects Energy from Wind Turbine, and Crude Oil from Oil Pump) – $2,500
  2. Wind Turbine (to produce Energy) – $2,500, 1 Wood
  3. Oil Pump (to produce Crude Oil) – $1,250, 3 Wood
  4. Water Facility (to produce Water Drum for production of Petroleum and Gasoline in Refinery) – $10,000; this can be replaced by Water Pump at a later part of the game. Water Pump needs to be attached to a Pond
  5. Refinery (for production of Petroleum and Gasoline) – $15,000, paved road, 3 Wood

*Buildings in Steps 1-4 require a dirt road ($250 to build). Dirt road can be upgraded to paved road for an additional $9,750.

My Jan 2022 build and beyond

  • For a stable economy, I have 5 Sheep Pens, 7 Feed Mills, 3 Troughs and 6 Ranch ATVs. (These can be increased as you progress.)
  • My planned end-game for a Forest location without river is Uniform production. (As of 1 Mar 2022, Uniforms give 5600 stars per batch.)
  • So after wool and gasoline production are stable, the next steps will be to:
    1. Plant 2-3 cotton fields to produce Cotton Yarn. Build more Silos to store Cotton, if needed.
    2. Build Fabric Plants in multiples of 5, ideally in a 1 Uniform: 1 Wool Yarn: 3 Cotton Yarn ratio
    3. Build Power Plants to provide passive energy to the Fabric Plants.
    4. Build 2 Lumber Mills to every 5 Fabric Plants, and 1 Lumber Yard to store Wood and Lumber
    5. Build more Warehouses to store Uniforms, Cotton Yarn and Wool Yarn, if needed.


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