Hello, Town Stars!

I’m the bearer of bad news. As many of you already noticed, servers 2-5 were all suddenly reset. This was not intended.

The issue that caused it has been corrected. All servers (1-5) will reset on March 1 as planned.

Friendly Reminder: When things go wrong always be kind. Everyone sees what you write in the channels. Be good people. We are all humans, navigating the world together.

Source: Gala Games Discord server – https://discord.com/channels/692403822265368626/727262385597055126/945732612859785264


Hi All, @everyone I am here to apologize for the sudden reset. We changed our setting last time when the reset happened and only Server 1 worked, server 2-5 didn’t work as we expected.

To prevent this from happening again, we will reset all servers on 3/1 once more to keep the P2E servers the same. Until the next reset (March 1st), everyone who has more than 1 GALA will get 5 free Gas every 30 mins. Thank you for your support and patience.

Source: Gala Games Discord server – https://discord.com/channels/692403822265368626/727262385597055126/945868708407021568

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