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Here are some more details on tomorrow’s Dynamic Star Challenge Update! https://blog.gala.games/dynamic-star-challenge-update-ac5b2acea48f

Source: Gala Games Discord server – https://discord.com/channels/692403822265368626/727262385597055126/947978596855734332


Gala Games is making Town Star more exciting! Here’s a quick summary of what the Dynamic Star Challenge Update is:

  • No more static 1000 Stars for each daily challenge
  • Every player starts the game on Day 1 with the 1st daily challenge goal of obtaining 500 stars to earn TOWN coin. (number of TOWN coin earned depends on number of NFTS in game)
  • Once Day 1 challenge is completed, the next day’s daily challenge goal will +250 stars than the day before, i.e. obtain 750 stars on Day 2, obtain 1000 stars on Day 3, and so on.
  • This +250 stars pattern will continue till the final daily challenge on Day 31 – 8000 stars required.
  • Be strategic about your builds to earn efficiently! Good luck!

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